I’ll never forget the day that Master Teacher, Dale Halaway came into my life. I was invited by email to enroll in his telecast, entitled “Faith over Fear”! As I listened intently to his telecast, it was if he had written it specifically for me. Fast forward to now after immersing myself in his work,  training with him in his Coaching Academy, and becoming a Transformational Life Coach, I can only speak to how grateful I am for that day that I opened my heart to simply listen. Dales's teachings continue to bless my life and I am so grateful for the role that they play in my own transformational journey.


What is the Transcovery Process

"The heart of a 1:1 session"


The Transcovery Process is taken from two words: “Transformation and Discovery.”  This process provides the structure in which one can access, correctly identify, and let go of the thoughts and feelings that are no longer serving them as a way of transforming themselves, and their lives, thus empowering their own self-discovery. It has been specifically designed to help you connect to who it is that you are, to assist you in letting go of that which is no longer serving you, and to truly help you in becoming the person that you were destined to become from the very beginning. 


This is one of my favorite tools I use with my clients. I love to teach this process to my clients because, for me, it has been the big game changer in my life and my transformational journey. No matter what I am facing, no matter what is going on around me, no matter what feelings are coming up for me, using this Transcovery Process is the one thing that centers me, helps me to gain clarity, and allows me to really let go of negative energy.


This is the tool that helps to identify roadblocks, and helps you to clear and heal limiting beliefs while empowering you to move forward. It truly is something that I use on a daily basis and I encourage my clients to add it to their tool kit.